Winter Rewards Program 1.0


The more you play, the more you win!

Get ready to maximize your winnings with Winters Rewards Program 1.0.

This month, enjoy higher returns on your investments by playing on cash tables. Earn maximum possible Dangal points on any stake of 1/2 blinds and above to win massive cash rewards.

And remember, every POINT counts!


  • The promotion will calculate all Dangal points generated on cash tables starting blinds ‘1/2 and above on any game type (i.e NLHE, PLO4, PLO5 & PLO6).
  • The points generated between 6th February – 8th March 2023 will only be available for conversion.
  • Players can redeem points / levels multiple times during the promotion.
  • The prizes will be credited in the form of Real Cash Bonus in Poker chips balance of the winners.
  • Last 2 levels (i.e 1,00,000 & 1,25,000 points) can be claimed by 1 user only, strictly on the basis of the 1st one to reach, so its a race to the top.
  • The prizes on the last 2 levels (i.e 1,00,000 & 1,25,000 points) will be paid in the form of 50% win balance and 50% in the form of Real Cash Bonus in Poker chips balance.
  • PokerDangal reserves the right to use winner’s photos, testimonial, interview, etc for its media and marketing purposes.
  • In case of any dispute PokerDangal’s decision will be final and binding.