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PokerDangal is an endeavor to redefine how players play online poker game in India. It is the fastest-growing and one of the most loved platforms to master a game of skill like Poker. With more than 2 lakh subscribers acquired, PokerDangal holds the industry's safest security systems, with 100% approved legalities for online poker game.

We at PokerDangal are fully compliant with all government rules and regulations. In addition to this, we offer a special sign-up deal to every new player, which can be a tournament ticket or promo cash to exercise their skills to play Poker online in India. Play with the most trusted poker site in India.

Moreover, our competitive promotions also include exciting cash games and online Poker tournaments in India to win real money daily.

Online poker game in India: Download the app now

Online Poker in India has become the most popular real money game amongst people of all ages. For those who are familiar with card games, adapting to Indian Poker was not a big deal. In fact, the format of the game hit a nerve with the people who love to play Poker online in India, and it has been a regular part of the lives of millions of gamers across the nation.

At Poker Dangal, we've got loads of real money earning games that are available for all players across every skill level. To play Poker online in India with minimum buy-ins, you can build your bankroll at PokerDangal at your own pace. Online Poker is an exciting mind sport that requires thrill-seeking, fun-loving Poker players just like you. Playing an Online Poker game for real money is more thrilling and super rewarding than playing 3 card Poker or Teen Patti.

Playing Online Poker Game is 100% Safe on PokerDangal.

PokerDangal provides a platform across Windows, Android, and iOS apps, enabling you to play Poker online in India for real money. Furthermore, all this happens seamlessly across all our platforms, anytime and anywhere.

We strive to provide you with a lively and safe playing environment as you have always longed for. This way, you can play Poker online for real money without any hassles.

Poker Dangal has integrated the safest methods for withdrawals and deposits. This will allow you to deposit and cash out within seconds. We are proud to state that we offer the fastest cashouts in the industry. When you play Poker online on PokerDangal, you can instantly withdraw your Poker balance to your bank account. Undoubtedly, you can play on the most trusted poker site in India.

To facilitate easy deposits, we have integrated several payment options. With strong features integrated into our systems, your bank details can never be compromised. What's more, our protocols and SSL technology guarantee the security of every single transaction happening on our site.

Easy and fair Platform to Play Online Poker Game for Real Money

Our software is carefully designed to give you a simple, smooth, and exciting experience. PokerDangal is a safe, secure, and certified random number generator game engine. As a result, it makes us the most trusted poker site in India.

New or experienced, young or old, all the players can enjoy our tables of Poker games. We offer various variations like Texas Holdem, Omaha, and 5 Card PLO games online. In addition, we have served countless Poker enthusiasts and made the journey even more appealing with amazing promotions and offers.

Our platform is friendly to newcomers as well. You can play Poker for free at Play Money tables. Furthermore, find real money cash tables with entry fees as low as Rs. 50 to get a taste of Real Money Poker on PokerDangal.

We are the only website in India to Play Poker online that offers Freeroll tournaments where winnings are directly cashable. Additionally, we have tournaments of all types, from very low to huge buy-ins, with great rewards.

Poker Promotions at PokerDangal

We have set benchmarks in the best online Poker contests and challenges in the Indian Poker industry. By playing at PokerDangal, players win real money, the latest gadgets, trips to Vegas, Goa, and more.

We have pioneered offers as well. Now, every single player who plays on our platform can benefit from the offers, along with winning real money while playing Poker online in India. Every time a player plays, they get Dangal points (loyalty points), which can be converted to real money with online poker game.

Month after Month, PokerDangal has been redefining promotions in the Indian Poker industry.

Poker variants you can play at Poker Dangal.

At Poker Dangal, we represent multiple ways of playing Online Poker game. When you play in India, you expect a good variety of Online Poker Game.

The Poker variety includes:-

On PokerDangal, you can find Freeroll and paid tournaments. We offer new players a way to learn how to play Poker by allowing them free games. Whether you are learning Poker sequences or brushing up your bluffing skills, it is a fun way to play Poker online for free.

Texas Holdem

It is considered one of the most exciting online poker game. The players can push their chips in as they compete by forming the best five-card hand from two personal cards and five community cards.

 Seven Card Stud

It is also a prominent poker variant that is chosen by various players. It was the very first variant that used to dominate the online poker game before Texas Hold 'em. Still, many people are fond of this type, but the demand has eventually reduced for the same because of the new variants available for online poker game.


It is different from the traditional poker variants because the objective is to have the lowest-ranked card rather than the highest. It has a different set of rules, and people should know that this variant is not widely available now.

Five card draw

It is one of the easiest and simplest variants in the online poker game. It includes less of the strategies and could be understood by anyone with the easiest procedure. This makes it a fun game for everyone to have a great time and win at the same time.

Deuce to seven triple draw

Here, the objective is to have the lowest-ranked hand, and that's different from other variants in the online poker game. But, many people find this easy to play and win big rewards with. It could provide you with a fun change and also win big with the same.


This counts as one of the most unusual poker variants, and the users do not even widely play it. The players would have four cards in their hand, different from the five in the other ones. But still, many people play this because of its change!

Let it ride, poker.

It has been around for a few years now. Now, the game has been made famous because many people have started to enjoy it. The game has a simple objective that is based on which is your better hand! This could be really simple and enjoyable for the people.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the basic poker game?

When you play Poker online in India, you must know it's a strategy-based card game where players bet on the value of their hand. The online poker game is played with a deck of 52 cards. The main objective of the online poker game is to make the best hand possible, and you would get to know about the value by the rank of the cards.

Which variants of Poker can I play on PokerDangal?

Play Texas Hold 'em and Omaha Pot Limit on the PokerDangal app. The two different variants are available for online poker game. Enjoy cash games as well as free tournaments with Poker India.

Which is the best online poker site?

Get ready to ace the online poker game in india with the best skills possible only on the PokerDangal app. The app provides the best features and benefits for users to win the biggest cash winnings and rewards with Poker India. Download the app on your smartphone and enjoy one of the most reliable and trustworthy poker apps.

What kind of game is poker?

Online poker game is all about a strategy-based card game that usually involves betting! It involves a deck of 52 cards and has different variations involved. You can play Poker online in India to win the biggest cash rewards by showing your skills and great strategies.

What are the three types of poker games?

Online poker game majorly involves three types of poker games. They comprise cash games, tournaments, and Sit & Go.

These three types of Poker can help people to have a good time with Poker India. Amongst them, the cash games are the simplest. The players deposit their amounts and let the game begin!

When we talk about the tournaments, they are also similar to the cash games where players have to compete for the prize pool that would be according to the buy-ins of every player in the tournament.

And, talking about Sit & Go, they usually have a smaller number of players, and they start when the seats get full.

Can I play poker game free online?

Yes, definitely enjoy online poker game with free tournaments on the PokerDangal app. There are so many users who have been enjoying the same online. Play Poker online and let your skills come into action.

Can you win real money in online poker?

Online poker game is the best way to kill your free time and also win real money at the same time. Apart from the fact that it is not guaranteed how much money you would win! But there are a number of ways, tips, and tricks to win big with Poker India. Boost up your strategies and have a great time playing online poker game. Play with the most trusted poker site in India.

Is poker legal in India?

The poker game is legal in India because it has been categorized as a "skill game." This is one of the prominent reasons why online poker game has been made legal in the country. Enjoy your favorite online poker game on the reliable app to win the big cash amounts. But first, get ready with your skills and be in action to win big!