A: No, User ID created once cannot be changed

A: Go to PokerDangal site /App. Click on the Login button. Enter your Login ID/Registered email, and then click “Forgot Password”. A new temporary password will be created and sent to your email

A:Creating multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and may lead to locking of both accounts.

  • In Cash/Ring games, once the hand you are in is over, you can exit.
  • In Tourneys, the chips invested will be blinded off once you leave an ongoing tournament

A: Kindly report the incident to us immediately via our email option.

A: VIP points are awarded to the player based on the stakes and no of hands they play on the real money cash tables. By accumulating VIP points, a player can climb higher in VIP levels. As you move higher in level, the website rewards you with bigger cash rewards.

A:We need this for verification at the time a player is withdrawing their winnings. You are required to submit them only once and we assure safety and protection of all the documents submitted by you

A:A high speed broadband is required for our software to run on any of your devices. A minimum of 1 mbps downstream bandwidth would be ideal.

A:If a player is inactive for 15 minutes, the system will automatically logout the player for security reasons. To resume play, a player can simply login and continue.

A:Run it Twice (RIT) is feature that reduces variance in the game. The rule for RIT is, if on the table minimum two players go all-in whatever the remaining cards are left to open at that time, will open twice and the pot will be distributed to each winning hand, according to the normal poker rules. We have tables with the Run It Twice feature. In the lobby, please check for the 'Twice' icon in black next to the table name to indicate if that particular table has the Run It Twice feature or not.

A: Below are the steps to deposit money.

  • Login to your account at The PokerDangal and click on 'DEPOSIT NOW' button.
  • Please specify the deposit amount and click on ‘Submit’ button.
  • You will be redirected to our payment gateway partner page, where you can choose the right option to make a deposit.

A: We accept payments via Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net banking.

A: The minimum amount of deposit in a single transaction is INR 100 and the maximum amount is INR 1,00,000.

A:The users can withdraw their eligible balance at any time by using our instant withdrawal feature.

  • A user can place upto 12 withdrawal requests or INR 20,000 as instant withdrawal
  • Upto Rs 2,00,000 or 10 transactions can be requested additionally, but will be processed within 48 hours

All the user balances are maintained in an escrow account by PokerDangal. This account is used for holding funds and processing withdrawals to the players. Only Rake from this account (escrow account) is transferred to a separate account of the company. The settlement of Rake from the escrow account is done once a month.

A: Cash out request can be denied due to reasons mentioned below:

  • Incomplete profile information.
  • PAN details mismatch with PokerDangal account information.
  • Collusion or chip dumping

A: Leaderboard points are calculated based on the following formula (Only paid places are considered)
Leaderboard points :- 10*(sqrt(Entries)/sqrt(PlayerPlace))*(1+log(TournamentBuyinConverted+0.25)).