Poker Rules to Win Big in Online Poker Game

Knowing poker rules is the necessity to win big in the game. The game that started centuries ago, reached various countries, got different names and several rules. Based on the type of game you like; you need to know the poker rules to win big.

Who wins the game?

Poker players have certain cards and the player with the highest ranked hand at the time of 'showdown' is the winner. A player who makes the last uncalled bet without needing to showdown is also considered the winner. Still confused what is showdown, what is a poker hand, what is a bet? Continue reading to get all your answers.

Poker Rules

Though a lot of luck is considered to win big in Poker, the game also required great skills and deep knowledge of poker rules. In this article, we have provided a beginner's guide of poker rules to help players master the game and play like professionals.

1.Know the Pack

No matter you are playing online poker or traditional poker in a casino, you always need a standard 52-card pack to start the game. Based on the game type and requirements, sometimes, one or two additional jokers are also used in the deck. However, nowadays, to speed up the virtual games, two packs of contrasting colours are used. To start the game, one pack is dealt and the other is kept ready after shuffling for the next deal.

2.Poker Hand Ranking

You should learn poker hand ranking first to start playing the game like a pro. Here are the rankings in the best to the worst sequence:

• Royal Flush - This is a straight flush with the Ace being the highest of five cards

• Straight Flush is a hand where the player gets a sequence of cards with the same suit

• Four of a kind - In this poker hand, any four cards are of the same rank, which is also termed as a kicker.

• Full house - A player having a three of a kind and a pair like three of Aces and two 8's is called to have a full house.

• Flush – Player with this hand has any five cards of a similar suit irrespective of their sequence like 3, 5, 7, Queen and King of a diamond.

• Straight hand player gets five cards of any suit in a sequence. The poker sequence of A-K-Q-J-10 is known as 'Broadway' that is also the highest possible straight hand.

• Three of a kind - A hand with three cards of the same face value is known at three of a kind.

• Two pair hand includes two different pairs in five cards like one pair of 9s, second pair of queens and any fifth card.

• Pair is one of the worst hands with only two cards of the same rank.

• High card is the last hope of winning the game for a player with none of the above-mentioned hands.

3.Don't angle shoot

When a person tries to look at someone else's cards or takes some unacceptable moves, the situation is called angle shooting. This is considered a poor etiquette to use angle shoot to win the game.

4.Don't be a time waster

No one likes it when the opponent wastes a lot of time, even for simple decisions. If you know your next step, just take it, without wasting so much time on pretending to take some other move.

5.Always act in turn

As per poker rules, you should never rush to declare your move. Wait for your turn, even if the person in front of you is taking a bit longer than expected time. Acting out of turn might spoil the whole hand.

6.Don't complain about bad hands

No one likes a crying baby, especially when you are playing games like poker. Everyone gets bad beat some or the other time, so don't complain about it or about your bad luck.

7.Betting poker rules

• Pre-flop betting, which is as soon as the hole cards are dealt.

• Flop is the next betting which is done when the first three cards are opened.

• Third round of betting is called river where the last community card is opened.

• And the last round of betting begins after the player next to the dealer throws in the small blind. The best hand wins in this betting.

8.Split Pot

As per this poker rule, two or more players have the same card and the money gets divided equally between them.

9.Betting limits

This defines the amount players may open and raise. Basically, poker games have below-given limits:

• In No Limit, players can bet or raise any amount.

• In Pot Limit, players can bet or raise any amount up to the size of the total pot.

• In Fixed Limit, players are allowed to call, bet or raise up to a fixed amount.

So, next time when you play the game, keep these poker rules in the mind.