Texas Hold’em Starting Hands

The importance of knowing which starting hands to deal with is very crucial. Particularly in Texas Hold’em Poker, most critical decisions is, do you see the flop or don’t you see the flop? Therefore, knowing Texas Hold’em Starting Hands in the right manner will give you an edge over your opponents, and you will be able to take the well-thought decisions in the course of your game.

Know the Starting Hands correctly is a must

It’s critical to have a comprehensive and concrete understanding of hand rankings in Poker. It will give you an understanding of what hands are worth playing and how those particular hands alter based on your position at the game table. For instance, solid hands like A♥A♣ and K♠K♦ should at all times be played from any position, while hands like 8♥3♣ are very weak and should roughly never proceed beyond the preflop betting round. Moreover, there are 169 different two-card starting hand combinations in Texas Hold’em Poker and therefore, knowing them correctly is the best way to win. If you want to explore more about the starting hands in Texas Hold’em at Poker Dangal