Play Poker Online Free in India and make your mark

Several people around the globe play Poker, and quite a good number of them have built a reputation and name for themselves. Playing a successful game of Poker online free can be challenging, especially when you are new to the game and don’t want to risk your hard-earned money. But with patience and disciplined way of learning, you can learn and develop the finest techniques involved in the game in both online and offline formats. Few steps need to be followed to play the game for free but rest assured that these simple steps will surely give you an amazing experience.

Download and creation of your account

The initial thing you must do to play the game is to download our Poker Dangal mobile app for free readily available in Windows, iOS, and Android versions and register for free as wll. You can also login to our website at and register yourself as a player. Remember, all these steps are for free, and then you need to create your account with some simple details like name, username, etc. We value you as Poker enthusiasts and believe in responsible gaming giving an utmost importance to protect and secure all the user information.

Taking your initial steps in the game

Once you are a registered player with us, you can start playing the game by clicking the ‘PLAY NOW’ button. Having completed the registration process successfully, you will receive attractive virtual money chips to play Poker Dangal’s free games. Thus you can practice and learn the game for FREE. The added advantage is that Poker Dangal also gives you an array of online Poker free games to choose from once you click on ‘PLAY NOW’ button. It means you can try to boost your Poker skills in different games and develop the finesse of a professional player to play for real money.

Poker Dangal’s focus is on building a safe playing environment

You can play this exciting game anytime and anywhere in a stress-free manner as we emphasize on providing each of the players a safe and secure playing environment that charms you into the world f Poker. Be it the free games or the ones for money and tournaments, we have games for all types of players, and we value the trust and uphold the confidentiality of every aspect involved in the game. Our software is highly user friendly and offers you great convenience of playing even for the real money game formats.

Explore playing the game formats for earning real money too

With us, you can play Poker for free at the ‘Play Money’ tables, and you will also come across real money cash tables with entry fees as low as INR 20 to explore. Come and join us at Poker Dangal and get the flavor of real money Poker at our platform! We also pride ourselves very much in being the only website in India to offer freeroll tournaments where all your winnings are directly withdrawable to your bank account just within the blink of an eye. Besides, we have tournaments of all types, from very low buy-in and big rewards to even bigger buy-ins and higher prizes.

Amazing rewards and attractive promotions

We are happy to take pride in the fact that we have redefined ways Poker used to be played in India by introducing some of the most attractive promotions and rewards to attract Poker enthusiasts to come and play the game on our platforms. We offer promotions and rewards like gadgets, trips to Goa, Vegas etc. apart from winning real money and most importantly, they win ‘Dangal points’ every time they are playing the game. These ‘Dangal points’ or loyalty points are convertible to real money which gives them enough reason to play the game. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a pro, Poker Dangal always has something to offer you in the game, making it an experience worth remembering!

So, register now for free and explore the different varieties of Poker!